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Well, the more your skin suffers from acne the more your skin gets prone to acne scars. The reason behind getting a scar post-breakouts is Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), it is simply the discolouration of your after the wound heals as this is a natural procedure of the skin after any inflammation. These marks are generally flat areas of discolouration on your skin. They won’t appear as raised bumps but as flat spots in dark colour. The spot can be pink, red, purple, brown, or black, depending on your skin tone and the depth of the discolouration. Besides, the following steps can be taken to get rid of acne scars – 

  • Potatoes

Potato is known for its healing properties. Its astringent and anti-bacterial qualities can help reduce excess oil, blackheads, and scars. You can find potatoes in your kitchen all the time and what you need to do with it is you can rub a sliced potato on the affected areas of acne scars then leave the juice of the potatoes for 15-20 minutes until it’s completely dried up, wash it off with water and follow this daily to see how magically it can help you get rid of the pigmentations caused by acne.

  • Turmeric 

Turmeric is the best antiseptic that you can always find in your home. It helps in fastening the healing process for any wound and also aids in removing additional bacteria that are not healthy for your skin. You can apply the turmeric by mixing it with coconut or jojoba oil as it will heal your skin and simultaneously provide nourishment or you can just simply add two tablespoons of turmeric in warm milk and drink it every day to see the results. 

  • Stay fresh and clean  

Being neat, fresh and clean gives you the confidence you need every day. Shower at least once a day, damp some scented lotion and splash on some of your sweet perfume. You’ll feel fresh, and smell good and it can also wipe off all of your stresses.

  • Subtle makeup 

Putting slight make-up on your face will bring about beauty in you! Know your skin type and your assets and make the most out of it. If you believe you have gorgeous eyes, emphasize it by focusing most of it through your eyes. If you have supple and full lips, wear an appropriate colour of lip shade.

  • Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is one of the most common home remedies for Skin treatment. In the case of acne, it works similarly to assist the healing process. According to a study, applying aloe vera directly to wounds reduced inflammation and scar tissue size. You can grow the plant Aloe vera yourself or buy from the Drugstore or Online. The application of aloe vera gel is simple wherein you need to cut the leaves from the plant, freshly and then apply it onto your acne scars daily to reduce the pigmentation. 

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